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Anti Kapitalismus/



Berlin, 2004 – Fight the Nazi pack


Berlin, 2004 – Rise up against right-wing extremism


Berlin, 2004 – Turks! Go home to Asia!


Berlin, 2004 – Fascism is not an opinion, it is a crime


Berlin, 2004 – This can either be read as “Nazi’s kill” or “kill Nazi’s”


Berlin, 2004 – F’hain is an abbreviation for Friedrichshain, the neighborhood in Berlin where this shot was taken. The message is that Nazi’s are not welcome there.


Berlin, 2004 – Germany belongs to the immigrants


Stuttgart, 2005 – Hunt down Nazi’s


Berlin, 2004 – Fascists, we’re gonna get you all


Berlin, 2004 – “Nazi’s out.” The same message was plastered all over German walls over half a century ago, only at that time it read “Juden raus” or Jews out.


Berlin, 2004 – “Open your mind and get rid of nationalism.” In Germany, nationalism has a strong connotation with right wing extremism. Antifa stands for anti-fascist, and this particular message was sprayed by an anti-fascist group from Pankow, another neighborhood in Berlin.


Berlin, 2004 – “Fight against anti-Semitism.” Also by Antifa Pankow


Berlin, 2004 – This one is calling for Nazis to “get against the wall”


Berlin, 2004 – Nazis out


Berlin, 2004 – Fight anti-Semitism


Berlin, 2004 – “Anti-fascism means attack.” Some of the “Antifa” graffiti in Berlin, such as this one, are more militant than the fascist graffiti.


Berlin, 2004 – Attack Nazis


Berlin, 2004 – Nazis out


Berlin, 2004 – Nazis out


Berlin, 2004 – Attack Nazis


Berlin, 2004 – Friedrichshain is Nazi free


Berlin, 2004 – Smash Nazi groups


Berlin, 2004 – A great example of the interaction that takes place on the walls of Berlin. Among the various components of this “montage” are a star of David, a “Sieg Heil” and a proclamation denouncing right wing extremism.


Breslau, Poland  2005


Breslau, Poland  2005


Berlin, 2005 – “Stop  the world’s destructive force – America.” Ironically this sticker is put out by the right-wing nationalist NPD party of Germany, a destructive force in it’s own right.


Berlin, 2005 – Everyone is a foreigner, except in the place where he belongs.


Berlin, 2005 – National unity equals strength


Berlin, 2005 – Have a safe trip home


Berlin, 2005 – “Radical! National! Social! For an independent German Reich.” Everything about this sticker, the typeface, the terminology, and the symbol scream Nazi.


	Rome, 2005


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